Pain relief can take place in five separate ways.girlred

  1. By reducing swellings (oedema). Reduce the swelling and great relief will follow, this can be achieved quite dramatically in the hydrobath, sometimes in as little as 15 minutes.
  2. By blocking some of the pain messages, called interference therapy. Many thousands of bubbles massaging your body every few seconds, means that not all of the pain messages can get through. Relief will last for many hours after the bath.
  3. Massage helps to release your body’s own natural pain killing endorphin. This explains why it is natural to immediately rub a knock or bump as soon as it happens. Endorphins are released and it helps to soothe the pain.
  4. The hydrobath is very relaxing, which is good for the relief of stress but the bath and warm water puts your body into a comfortable non weight bearing situation and this reduces the sensation of pain. While this is happening, your tense muscles begin to relax and your aches and pains dissolve into the massage sensations.
  5. Cool the water slightly and you will discourage inflammation and further tone muscular weakness.

    Sometimes this is the only way a customer can exercise without pain.

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